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  1. Employment Verification

    Information for individuals requesting an employer verification letter.

  2. Saints Sport sports camps terms and conditions

    Information and compliance

  3. Code of student conduct

    This Code of Student Conduct sets out the types and examples of misconduct which may warrant disciplinary action under the University’s Non-Academic Misconduct Policy.

  4. Copyright for researchers

    Password protected

    To provide copyright guidance for researchers at the university.

  5. Travelling with technology

    Password protected

    Guidance for securing technology whilst travelling

  6. Income and cash handling

    To provide guidance on the University’s cash handling procedures in compliance with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI DSS) and Data Protection Act 1998.

  7. Starting salary policy

    Provides guidance on the new joiner salary process.

  8. Cycle to Work scheme

    FAQs regarding the Cycle to Work Scheme.

  9. Grievance policy

    This policy sets out the framework for raising, addressing and resolving concerns in the workplace.

  10. University Privacy notice: collection and use of employee personal data

    To advise people how their personal data are used by the University