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  1. Smart working

    Provides information on the University’s Smart Working practices.

  2. Expenses policy

    To provide guidance and instructions on the expense procedure.

  3. Student-academic-appeals

    Document outlining process for student academic appeals

  4. Scheme of delegation

    List of authorities delegated by Court

  5. Saints Sport first aid

    Information and Compliance

  6. Staff fees policy

    Password protected

    To define university policy on staff fees

  7. Saints Sport sports camps terms and conditions

    Information and compliance

  8. S-coding

    This policy provides all information relating to S-coding and the process to be followed.

  9. Using University Buildings Safely

    Password protected

    Guidance for University staff and students during a gradual return to University buildings

  10. Stress policy

    Outlines the approach to the prevention and management of occupational stress throughout the University.