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  1. Fire safety policy

    Compliance with legislation

  2. Supervision of postgraduate research students

    Lays out the roles and expectations for students and staff for the supervision of postgraduate research students.

  3. General Risk Assessment Policy

    Compliance with legislation

  4. Fire safety guidance for managers


  5. General Risk Assessment Guidance

    Guidance for compliance with legislation

  6. Incident, Accident and Near Miss Reporting and Investigation Policy and Guidance

    Compliance and Guidance

  7. Fire safety guidance for staff and students

    Compliance with legislation

  8. Progress review guidance

    To provide additional guidance on the structure of progress reviews and the responsibilities of everyone involved.

  9. Module evaluation questionnaires

    This document provides guidance for staff and students.

  10. Module and programme approval

    This policy relates to all proposals for new modules and new programmes.