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  1. Occupational health

    Policy statement regarding the function of occupational health

  2. Part-time jobs

    Overview of how students can find part-time job opportunities in St Andrews and the service we provide for employers.

  3. Website linking

    Website linking guidelines for employers and organisations

  4. Vacancy disclaimer

    Disclaimer to students and graduates using the jobs portal on CareerConnect

  5. Failure to matriculate

    The policy explains the process and implications of failure to matriculate.

  6. Student-academic-appeals

    Document outlining process for student academic appeals

  7. Fee setting

    To outline the procedure for setting tuition fees

  8. Fee status policy

    To define University policy on fee status assessment

  9. Eligibility

    Careers Centre eligible user entitlement.

  10. Admissions-policy

    The Admissions policy is a governance document that covers all relevant aspects of the application process to allow all applicants from all cohorts to clearly understand the parameters within which they are applying and ensure fairness.