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  1. Vacancy disclaimer

    Disclaimer to students and graduates using the jobs portal on CareerConnect

  2. Part-time jobs

    Overview of how students can find part-time job opportunities in St Andrews and the service we provide for employers.

  3. Eligibility

    Careers Centre eligible user entitlement.

  4. Appointments

    This policy describes the different types of appointments offered by the Careers Centre, when they are available and how to book.

  5. Athletic Union affiliation

    This document outlines the terms under which sports clubs are affiliated to the Athletic Union at the University of St Andrews.

  6. Online guidance – terms and conditions

    Online guidance terms and conditions for students and alumni.

  7. Online guidance

    Overview of Careers Centre online guidance.

  8. Appointments – terms and conditions

    Expectations for students, graduates or staff members who have booked an appointment with a Careers Adviser, including what they will be provided with at the appointment and how they should act before, during and after the appointment.