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  1. Travelling with technology

    Password protected

    Guidance for securing technology whilst travelling

  2. University Privacy notice: collection and use of employee personal data

    To advise people how their personal data are used by the University

  3. Records Management Policy

    To provide direction on how University records are to be managed to preserve their value.

  4. Data governance policy

    The purpose of this policy is to describe the University’s approach to data governance in terms of data availability, data accessibility and data quality and to outline how clear accountability for each is managed.

  5. University cyber incident and data breach management procedure

    Protocol for managing suspected data/personal data breach

  6. Access to information during periods of staff absence

    This Policy defines the circumstances under which access to information held in email and files can be made during periods of absence, for business continuity purposes.

  7. Requests for personal data by the Police or a similar third party for the purposes of the prevention or detection of crime, apprehension or prosecution of offenders, or for taxation