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  1. Undergraduate senate regulations 2021-2022

    Senate regulations governing all undergraduate degrees.

  2. Honours classification

    This policy explains the Honours Classification Algorithm used in calculating all Honours-level grades awarded in the Honours years.

  3. Undergraduate senate regulations 2020-2021

    Senate regulations governing all undergraduate degrees.

  4. International Foundation Programmes and Presessional Courses

    This document outlines the attendance policy for International Foundation Programme and Presessional Courses

  5. Undergraduate senate regulations 2019-2020

    Senate regulations governing all undergraduate degrees.

  6. Undergraduate senate regulations 2018-2019

    Senate regulations governing all undergraduate degrees

  7. Final module in a PGT programme

    This policy relates to teaching, supervision and assessment of the final modules (normally 60 credits) of all Taught Postgraduate Masters programmes.

  8. Requests for review of decision for entry to Honours

    This policy outlines the criteria for review of the decision of refusal to entry to Honours and the process involved in requesting a review.

  9. Taught postgraduate guidelines for credit, grades and awards

    These guidelines describe the credit value of modules and the module reporting scale for Postgraduate Taught Masters degrees. In addition, the guidelines include information on St Andrews GPA, Dip-down modules, reassessment and Postgraduate Diploma.