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  1. Occupational health

    Policy statement regarding the function of occupational health

  2. Fee setting

    To outline the procedure for setting tuition fees

  3. Pets in accommodation

    To set out the policy on pets in accommodation and the requirements on assistance dogs

  4. Student-academic-appeals

    Document outlining process for student academic appeals

  5. Staff fees policy

    To define university policy on staff fees

  6. Copyright for students

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    To provide copyright guidance for students at the university.

  7. Honour code

    The Honour Code is a statement that establishes the standards, behaviour and academic integrity expected of all matriculated students who form part of the academic community at the University of St Andrews. All students must agree to abide by and

  8. Fee status policy

    To define University policy on fee status assessment

  9. Failure to matriculate

    The policy explains the process and implications of failure to matriculate.

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    Policy and Guidance