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  1. Overseas working

    This procedure provides an overview of the process to be followed when recruiting new employees who will be based overseas or posting existing employees to work overseas on a long-term basis.

  2. Occupational health

    Policy statement regarding the function of occupational health

  3. Visa and immigration FAQ’s: For line managers

    Provides information on visa regulations.

  4. Fee setting

    To outline the procedure for setting tuition fees

  5. Employee visa and immigration FAQ’s

    Provides information on visa regulations.

  6. Information for international staff

    General/useful information for new joiners of University of St Andrews.

  7. Redundancy policy

    This document outlines the approach to be adopted in cases of potential redundancy situations.

  8. Research misconduct policy

    To provide a definition of research misconduct and the principles guiding the handling and investigation of allegations of research misconduct relating to research conducted under the auspices of the University.

  9. Scheme of delegation

    List of authorities delegated by Court

  10. Redeployment policy

    This document outlines the circumstances in which redeployment for employees within the University will be considered.

  11. Constitution of the University of St Andrews Athletic Union

    This document outlines the Constitution of the University of St Andrews Athletic Union

  12. Financial Regulations

    Outline the Financial Control Framework in place at the University

  13. Guidance for the use of Flexible Worker Assignments (Contract for Services)

    Provide information about the use of Flexible Worker Assignments.

  14. Home workspace equipment policy

    Password protected

    This policy covers the provision of equipment to enable staff to work effectively from their home residence, either as part of a hybrid working arrangement, or during periods of enforced home working.

  15. V-Coding

    This policy explains the rationale and procedure for V-coding being applied to a student record.

  16. S-coding

    This policy provides all information relating to S-coding and the process to be followed.

  17. Saints Sport first aid

    Information and Compliance

  18. Menopause guidance

    Raise awareness of menopause symptoms and provide a framework for requesting support in the workplace.

  19. Pets in accommodation

    To set out the policy on pets in accommodation and the requirements on assistance dogs

  20. Voluntary Severance Scheme

    Procedure to follow to request voluntary severance.