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  1. Visa and immigration FAQ’s: For line managers

    Provides information on visa regulations.

  2. Employee visa and immigration FAQ’s

    Provides information on visa regulations.

  3. Information for international staff

    General/useful information for new joiners of University of St Andrews.

  4. Immigration reimbursement policy

    This policy sets out the University’s approach to the reimbursement of immigration costs.

  5. Conditions of employment by grade

    Summary of employee conditions.

  6. Academic adjustments: guidance for students

    This guidance document highlights the various forms of academic adjustments available to students.

  7. Using University Buildings Safely

    Password protected

    Guidance for University staff and students during a gradual return to University buildings

  8. Capability policy: For long-term absence

    This policy may be used where an employee has been absent from work on a long-term, but not necessarily continuous basis due to ill health.

  9. Capability policy – poor performance

    This policy sets out the procedure for addressing concerns around poor performance and persistent short-term absence.

  10. Workload Guiding Principles

    This guidance outlines the basic principles that should be followed when constructing a workload model and when allocating workload to staff within the model.

  11. Saints Sport sports camps terms and conditions

    Information and compliance

  12. Ladder Safety

    Guidance on safe use of ladders and stepladders

  13. Guidance on the use of the COSHH risk management programme CHARM

    Guidance on the use of the COSHH risk assessment programme

  14. Diving rules - Scientific and archaeological diving projects

    Rules for undertaking underwater diving work activities

  15. University guidance for electrical safety

    Rules for the use of electrical systems

  16. Work at height

    Guidance on safe working at height (2012)

  17. The selection, use and maintenance of personal protective equipment (PPE)

    Guidance on the selection, use and maintenance of personal protective equipment

  18. Preventing slip and trips at work (HSE Guidance)

    Guidance on avoiding slips and trips in the workplace

  19. Chemical and biological safety – Part 2 – Biological and genetic modification safety

    This document provides guidance on working with biological agents and genetically modified organisms

  20. Noise at work

    Policy and guidance on measurement of noise levels and how to control noise levels in the workplace