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  1. Copyright for teaching

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    To provide copyright guidance related to teaching at the university.

  2. S-coding

    This policy provides all information relating to S-coding and the process to be followed.

  3. Saints Sport Transport

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    This document outlines the procedure for booking transport through the Saints Sport administration office.

  4. Resolution policy

    To assist those in conflict or disagreement to seek resolution using informal means.

  5. Using University Buildings Safely

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    Guidance for University staff and students during a gradual return to University buildings

  6. Ladder Safety

    Guidance on safe use of ladders and stepladders

  7. Work at height

    Guidance on safe working at height (2012)

  8. University guidance for electrical safety

    Rules for the use of electrical systems

  9. Diving rules - Scientific and archaeological diving projects

    Rules for undertaking underwater diving work activities

  10. Risk Assessment Form Template

    Risk assessment form template