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  1. Copyright overview

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    Overview of guidance for staff and students regarding copyright.

  2. Copyright for teaching

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    To provide copyright guidance related to teaching at the university.

  3. Car parking regulations

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    University car parking regulations

  4. Pronoun guidance

    To provide guidance to staff and students about using pronouns.

  5. Use of captured content

    This policy relates to recording of lectures.

  6. Curriculum at St Andrews

    This document provides an overview of how the University reviews its curriculum portfolio on a regular basis including programmes and modules.

  7. Compressed gas cylinders – Guidance on safe use of compressed gas cylinders

    HSE Guidance on the safe storage, transport, use and disposal of compressed gas cylinders

  8. Independent learning week (ILW)

    This policy relates to the principles of Independent Learning Week (ILA), activities permitted during ILA and communications with students during ILA.

  9. Setting up our shared space

    This document provides guidance on engaging in a shared online teaching space. It articulates the issues as experienced by both staff and students.

  10. Regulation of curriculum changes to comply with Consumer Protection Legislation (CPL) Guidance

    This guidance outlines dates and processes in relation to timely communications of curricular changes to current students and applications to ensure that the University comply with Consumer Protection Legislation (2014).