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  1. Handbook: University-led reviews of learning and teaching

    This handbook provides guidance to Schools/Departments on preparing for a University-led review of learning and teaching.

  2. Extenuating circumstances

    This policy provides a clear definition of what the University considers to be extenuating circumstances and the sources of evidence required to substantiate claims affecting academic performance and engagement.

  3. Academic alerts

    This policy concerns all matters relating to Academic Alerts including types and status, attendance monitoring and procedures for issuing and managing academic alerts.

  4. Language correction

    This policy provides guidance for students and staff on language correction and proof-reading services.

  5. Education strategy

    The Education Strategy supports the four distinct themes in the overall University Strategy: World-leading St Andrews, Diverse St Andrews, Global St Andrews and Entrepreneurial St Andrews, and reflects the core commitment to social responsibility.

  6. Changes to studies

    This policy relates to requests from students to change registered modules or their degree programme.

  7. Undergraduate senate regulations 2020-2021

    Senate regulations governing all undergraduate degrees.

  8. Mental health strategy

    The University Mental Health Strategy is to promote positive mental health and wellbeing and to support each other in the creation of a healthy, well informed and compassionate working environment in which students and staff can fulfil their

  9. Coursework penalties

    This policy applies to penalties incurred for late coursework and to coursework of incorrect length.

  10. Undergraduate senate regulations 2019-2020

    Senate regulations governing all undergraduate degrees.