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  1. Records Management Policy

    To provide direction on how University records are to be managed to preserve their value.

  2. Reporting structures for interdisciplinary modules

    This procedure outlines the reporting structure for Interdisciplinary modules ID4001 (Communication and Teaching in Science) and ID4002 (Communication and Teaching in Arts & Humanities) and any other interdisciplinary modules.

  3. Requests for personal data by the Police or a similar third party for the purposes of the prevention or detection of crime, apprehension or prosecution of offenders, or for taxation
  4. Removal and relocation policy

    Provides information on the University’s relocation package for eligible employees.

  5. Rights and responsibilities of honorary appointees

    This document describes the rights and responsibilities of Honorary Appointees.

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    Policy and Guidance

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    Policy and Guidance

  8. Requests for review of decision for entry to Honours

    This policy outlines the criteria for review of the decision of refusal to entry to Honours and the process involved in requesting a review.

  9. Retirement policy (fixed retirement age)

    This policy sets out the basis for the University’s decision to have a fixed retirement age for all employees.

  10. Risk management policy

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    Risk Management Policy