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Picture this… archive 2014

Christmas dinosaur 2014
NY Gala Toast
Jack and the Beanstalk pantomime
Dr Rachael Holmes
Writing - ink pot
Fairtrade banana
Triathlon club
Migration Stories
Vision of Isaiah
Kenneth Stewart
Raisin Foam Fight
Sophie McKay Knight
Varsity victory
Professor John Grotzinger
Julian Barnes Booker prize winner
Zambia Volleyball
Sandy's Ale
BBC News in St Mary's
george burns
Barbara Rae - Achill Fence
James Montgomery
NT Wright POTW
sarah henderson potw
Sandy's Bar WC Final 2014
Malawi Flag St Salvator's
Young voters
Dogrees all round!
Researchers discover Achilles’ heel in drug-resistance bacteria
Britten at the Byre
Gabrielle Macdonald
Students celebrating the final Medicine exams.
Students and staff name inspiring teachers
World leading primatologist visits Living Links
Eight People who are changing the world
Carnegie Club look forward to our inaugural Andrew Carnegie lecture
Michael Sandel Inaugural Andrew Carnegie Lecture
Michael Sandel Inaugural Andrew Carnegie Lecture
Forest northern Mozambique
Icelandic representatives visit Fife to learn about responses to coastal erosion
RSE Awards winners
St Andrews poet Douglas Dunn has been awarded the Queen's Gold Medal for Poetry 2013 in recognition of his lifetime contribution to literature.
FS cheque presentation
Rainbow over the north sea in St Andrews
Aurora Borealis in St Andrews
Mercury Fur cast photo
Hannah Mercer - University of St Andrews and Team GB snowboarder
Valentine sent to Frank B Simson, East India College, 14 Feb 1847
A Song for Zambia charity concert
St Andrews foundation document
Raising the rag
Race2 Berlin
The deep blue planet
Geography & Geosciences photo competition - first prize: Caught in the Act, Beach Profiling near Oban by Alastair Stokes