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Picture this… archive 2008

Stars forming next to a black hole in the Milky Way.
Credit: Bonnell and Rice.
Dr Brian Lang, Principal & Vice-Chancellor.
The "Stand Up and Unite Against AIDS" event.  Credit: Kerry Grainger.
Students taking part in this year's foam fight in the Quad (photo: Gayle Cook)
Sir Jackie Stewart.
Credit: Special Collections.
Unveiling of War Memorial in North Street.
Credit: Special Collections.
Frank Muir was Rector between 1976 and 1979 (Photo: Special Collections).
Rory McLion undertakes an abseil from the Forth Bridge to raise money for the Charities Campaign.
The Guild Cup which dates from 1613-14. 
It was presented by Dr Guild to the Faculty of Theology at the University of St Andrews in 1628.
The Sunday Times University Guide has ranked St Andrews top in Scotland, naming us Scottish University of the Year.
Shirley Webb aka Gladiators Battleaxe.
Small image
South Africa Rugby Legends at a development clinic.
The Papal Bull of Foundation (1413) (photo: Special Collections)
The bottle washed ashore in St Andrews 23 years later (photo: Richard Cook)
Menzies Campell running in the 1964 Tokyo Olympics.
St Andrews West Sands Tea Room, circa 1936 (photo: Special Collections).
St Andrews' researchers have made important advances in the understanding of animal communication (photo: Florian Moellers)
Barcelona FC train at the University.
(Credit: Allan Gartshore.)
A new trio of planets discovered by a St Andrews' researcher last year. (STFC)
The new sabbatical officers for the Students' Association.
L to R: Alex Cooper, Philippa Dunn, Andrew Keenan, Stacy Lee, James Shield. (Credit: Oli Walker)
Dame Judi Dench was made a Doctor of Letters (D.Litt) during the University's summer graduations this year. (Credit: Mike Day)
The first women students thought to graduate from St Andrews in 1896 (photo: Special Collections)
'The spirit of St Andrews' (photo: Frances Lander).
Clerics congregate on the frontline: Mullahs' conference, Abadan, Iran 1983 (photo: Kaveh Golestan)
Lady golfer, 1939 (photo: Special Collections)
Thierry Henry and Ronaldinho training at the University last summer (Photo: Ian Jacobs).
An act from 1621 outlawing the robbing of hawk nests and hunting in snow (RPS, 1621/6/44, photo courtesy of the National Archives of Scotland)
Ella Wright (Rosalind) and Sam Fowles (Orlando) in INON's production of "As You Like It".
Sailing at the East Sands, St Andrews
Rory McLion, the Charities Campaign mascot.
Kate with Bishop Kennedy in 1949 (photo: Special Collections)
The image shows a pair of computerised "average" facial photographs taken from real people's pictures.  According to the research, the face on the right is of someone who is more likely to be interested in a short-term sexual encounter whilst the one on the left is more likely to be interested in a long-term relationship.
Local Land Girls clearing a forest circa 1940.
Aerial view of St Andrews in 1878 from St Regulus (St Rule's) Tower.
(Credit: University of St Andrews Special Collections)
St Andrews models preview the recycled red gown collection for FS:08 (photo: Gayle Cook)
Students campaigning outside the library.
Credit: Reprographics / Corporate Communications
The researchers accomplished the feat by firing laser light down an optical fibre (photo: Chris Kuklewicz)
Robert Moyes Adam, 'Cross at Loch Aline', 1919 
(Credit: Special Collections)
SF:08 (photo Olly Markeson)
Artist's impression of the newly detected planets orbiting their host star CREDIT KASI/CBNU/ARCSEC
Hamilton Colophon
Optical sensor