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Picture this… archive 2007

Douglas Tough dressed as Santa
Prof Lloyd in Cloisters - small
Student celebrating Raisin Monday
Dr Clare Parnell
International Management students modelling the new tartan (Phil Hannah)
Adult male elephant with one tusk recently broken in a fight (Richard Byrne)
Students having a ceilidh in the ground of St Andrews castle
Students celebrate after final exams (Peter Adamson)
Step Rock pool on a busy day, St Andrews
Image of Elvis Presley looking old. (Photo:
Rory Lawson
Thierry Henry
Dr Ian Alsop
Flooding on the Old Course ca. 1934 - photograph by George Cowie
Professor Lisa Jardine celebrates her honorary degree with Professor John Hudson
B/W photo of St Salvator's College, North Street, St Andrews 1846
Altair artists impression - Zina Deretsky, National Science Foundation (Small image)
Churchill Barriers Orkney - T Dawson
Scotland's new first minister Alex Salmond (MA Economics & History,
1978) pictured during a visit by Winnie Ewing to St Andrews in October 1977
Natural philosophy class c. 1870