Student Profile

Pooneh - Level Two Physics 2015

When I came to St Andrews for the first time, I was absolutely amazed by the beauty of this little town and I knew with every cell of my body that this is the right place for me.

I come from Iran. Sometimes I can’t believe how friendly and helpful people here are. If I feel that I need help with anything, I can easily find the right person to talk to and solve my problem. I really feel that I’m at home here.

I love Physics and one of the most interesting things to me is that all people working here love Physics too, and enjoy it as much as I do, which gives me even more motivation to study. In our School the lecturers and tutors get to know all individual students, and whenever I need any help I can easily email them and ask my questions. Also, I deeply believe that the lecturers and professors here really care about our understanding of the materials. They do everything to make sure that we have learnt what we need to learn. They teach in a way that we can see the different applications of what we are learning and we can feel how practical it is.

Moreover, there are a lot of support on what we can do after our degree and how we can improve our CV while studying here. There are a lot of opportunities to do projects with one of the research groups in the school. I am going to be involved in a project in astrophysics with one of my lecturers during the summer.

Apart from an excellent environment to study, there are lots of other fun things to do here. It is so easy to get involved in different societies and sport clubs and meet new people. I have joined the volleyball club and a few societies including the Dance Soc. I’m even attending the Hip-Hop classes which are a very fun part of my life here.

My feeling about St Andrews is that you could find something to do regardless of your personality and your preferences. I’m really enjoying my life here. Even after two years I can’t stop myself from going “Wow” when I’m walking in the beautiful streets of this town.

First published BDS 24.4.15