Matt Adams

Matt Adams, MPhys Physics 2014 - Radar Development

I spent five years studying for an MPhys in Experimental Physics at St Andrews. During the summers I undertook a number of summer placements in the Electro-optic group at Selex ES in Edinburgh. These were great opportunities to get involved in research and development of new airborne laser systems and get hands-on experience with cutting edge technology. During these placements I learned many new and very useful skills from programming and modelling to detailed analysis, and softer skills like working in large interdisciplinary teams. My final year project was with the millimetre wave research group in St Andrews studying the Micro-Doppler Effect. This led to an interest in radar and its many engineering challenges which arise from trying to detect objects against a background of stray reflections, noise and other EM interference.

The experience which came from my project and placements was invaluable when it came starting work as a graduate at Selex ES. I now work in the radar group developing the next generation of Electronically Scanned radars, a concept discussed in the 3rd year Electromagnetism course which I can now see being put into practice.

During my placements I became involved in the Selex mountaineering club (known as the Ferranti Mountaineering Club for historical reasons) to climb on a few crags around Edinburgh over the summer and have since travelled all over Scotland to walk and climb.

First posted BDS 19.12.14