Janos - BSc Physics and Logic & Philosophy of Science 2011

JanosI have graduated with a BSc in Logic& Philosophy of Science and Physics. This is an unconventional degree that has given me a unique chance to pursue my interest in physics and philosophy parallel to each other and to gain insights into the interplay of these fascinating subjects. Even though not every physicist would consider a background in philosophy an advantage, there is no doubt that philosophical skills come handy when coping with conceptually challenging areas of physics, such as quantum mechanics and relativity.

The most exceptional feature of my student experience in St Andrews was the close attention that members of the faculty pay to students. You are never left alone with any of the concerns you may have – be it questions about the course material, doubts about your degree choice and level of entry, or queries about your tutorial work. There is an ever-present opportunity to ask questions during and after the lectures, to chat to lecturers on the corridors and to go and see them in person in their offices privately.

There are also fantastic opportunities (and constant encouragement) to get involved with the research activities of the School. Last summer, I was one of ten students to receive an EPSRC studentship (there are various other sources of funding), which enabled me to do research on the theory of invisibility under the supervision of Professor Ulf Leonhardt. Through this wonderful internship I gained insights into what it is like to do research, helping me to make up my mind to become a researcher. This research has subsequently developed into a substantial project, which formed the basis of my dissertation. The first paper on our results was published recently, while a second paper is currently under review for publication.

To sum up, regardless of the question of what you come to study in St Andrews, you may expect an intellectually stimulating, academically motivating and exceptionally supportive atmosphere.

First published BDS 13.7.11

Updated 23.8.11 with link to project publication and reaction