Graduate Profile

Ewan Livingstone, BSc Physics 1986

Ewan Livingstone

Ewan is currently Business Manager; Medical and Science Division,
e2v technologies Ltd in Essex. He says:-

I toured a number of Universities and departments before starting my degree, and at the School of Physics at St Andrews I watched a laser cutting a brick in half. My mind was made up and without further thought, I set about learning how to build frightening machinery. During the latter part of my degree, I gave some thought to the future and decided to pursue the laser theme through the Optoelectronics (now Photonics) MSc. This led to a relationship with a component manufacturing company in Essex, which sponsored me through a PhD at St Andrews (on brick-damaging high power lasers) and then to a career with the Company (now e2v technologies ).

I started as an Engineer and was attracted by the variety of opportunities open to someone who had an intuitive idea of how things work and who was both numerate and literate; qualities gained and enhanced during a Physics degree. Since then I have operated as Engineering Manager and New Programmes Manager.

I am currently responsible for marketing our high voltage tubes and CCD imaging chips business to our portfolio of Medical and Scientific Customers. I run a globally-distributed sales and marketing team. My current responsibilites are thus far from engineering and raw science, but the background knowledge helps enormously in relating to customers, their applications and business aspirations.

First posted BDS 28.5.04