Graduate Profile

Craig Harvey and Kenneth Boyd 2002

Craig Harvey and Kenneth Boyd both graduated from St. Andrews in 2002. They spent four happy years here studying maths and physics and decided to take their interest in science further by spinning out a company from the University called FifeX. The company designs and manufactures high impact, interactive, hands-on, scientific exhibits.

Although aiming primarily at science centres, the company is also looking to sell its service to other markets including: technology businesses, schools, education, museums and visitor attractions. With the backing of the University and a plethora of innovative ideas being developed in the Photonics Innovation Centre, FifeX aims to become the UK’s leading supplier of novel, interactive hands-on exhibits.

Craig and Kenny are presented with their business sustainabilty award by Kieron McFadyen, Technical Director of Shell Europe

In 2004, the business really started taking off. Amongst other projects, FifeX exhibited at the Royal Society Summer Exhibition. Craig and Ken won the ‘Fife Regional Award’ and the ‘Best Business Demonstrating Sustainability’ at the national finals of the Shell Livewire Young Entrepreneur of the Year Awards and added to that later on with the regional award and a national award in the PSYBT / Royal Bank of Scotland Business Awards. They are both very grateful for the help they have received from the University of St. Andrews.

Ken Says:

St. Andrews is a brilliant place and physics is clearly one of the best departments – it is really the University that we must thank for being in the position that we are.

In terms of location, St. Andrews is great. I come from Kirkintilloch, just north of Glasgow and its only a short drive back home – in fact, St. Andrews is really very close to all the major cities in Scotland.

If you are thinking about coming, I would suggest visiting our wee town to have a look – you will be left with no option but to pack your bags and come! For many, the town will be a new experience, especially those that come from cities. Bearing in mind the size of the place, it is inevitable that you will know most people around and this creates a fantastic atmosphere and an experience that you will never forget. The town is full of interesting people and interesting things, together with a fantastic setting. The student population in St. Andrews always amaze me with their array of interests – as a result there are many great groups and societies and everyone gets a chance to do and learn new things.

Physics is a great subject and a degree in it will do you a huge service for the rest of your life. With universities producing more graduates and jobs becoming harder to find, a physics degree will always show an employer what you are really made of. As well as learning from some of the world’s leading scientists, the course here offers you the chance to be very enterprising and do some different things, something that will set you in a great position for the rest of your life.

If I could choose again, I would still come back here, and I really recommend you do too!

Craig Says:

Born and brought up in South Wales meant that coming to St Andrews was a big step for me, but one that I can safely say now, was worth taking. In so many ways, the time I spent at St. Andrews really set me up for running a company like FifeX. Like Ken said, it is the Physics (and maths) department that we have to thank for being in the position that we are. Right through my degree I felt a part of the department which some of my friends missed out on in other places. A degree should be so much more than just passing exams and at St. Andrews, a physics degree really is, it opens so many doors for your future. The biggest problem is choosing which door to go through.

If you are having doubts about coming here, just come and see it. Apart from being one of the UK’s top universities, the weather is generally good, there are loads of golf courses, bucket loads of pubs, awesome beaches and most importantly good looking lasses!

If you are interested in finding more out about the company we run go to

First posted BDS 5.11.04