Graduate Profile

Christina Walker, MSci 2001

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I graduated in 2001 after a very enjoyable 4 years. I decided to leave at this point to persue a Masters in Geophysics, but like quite a few people I know I soon returned to do a PhD. Again the enthusiasm and friendliness of the staff in the department played a large part in my decision to return. I also enjoy living in St Andrews; it is such a unique place. Given its size, St Andrews has a surprising amount to offer and there is also plenty to explore in the surrounding area.

Written in 2000 as final year Astrophysics student:

Coming from Fife there was a temptation to look at universities further afield. However, I was attracted to St Andrews because of the enthusiastic teaching staff and excellent telescope facilities, which I have since had plenty of opportunity to use. I also find that because St Andrews is a small town there is a friendly atmosphere and still plenty to do with a wide range of university run clubs and societies. I am now in the third year of an astrophysics course and I have thoroughly enjoyed my time here.


BDS January 2004