School of Physics & Astronomy

Where we are

General Location

Dundee is 25 minutes away to the north, and Edinburgh just over an hour's drive or train ride to the South.  Glasgow is about an hour and a half by car. 

Leuchars is the nearest railway station, and is some five miles from St Andrews.  Edinburgh and Dundee airports have flights to many cities, and the overnight railway sleeper is another convenient way to travel from the South.

The map of Fife shows the local road and rail connections. 

Alternatively, you may leave our site and use an on-line map provider to get various scaled views of a map with this School and St Andrews at the centre.

Details of where the School sits within St Andrews are given below.

Finding your way
Download a pdf map of St Andrews. The School of Physics & Astronomy is located at grid F3, building 15.
Link to map of Fife (shown in a popup window).


The School within St Andrews

Most travellers will arrive in St. Andrews by coming along the A91 (from Guardbridge the road coming in from the top left on the pdf or image map linked above). As travellers near the edge of town, they will come across a roundabout, as pictured here. Turning right at this roundabout will bring people onto the University's North Haugh site, and also to the town's long stay car parks. Alternatively, carrying straight on will take people into the town.

Approach to St Andrews and the North Haugh Area

At the end of a short stretch of access road, there is mini-roundabout, pictured below. Approaching the mini-roundabout you will see, ahead of you and to the right, the new building for Medical Sciences. The School of Physics and Astronomy is tucked in behind this new building. The main entrance is at the opposite end of the School and one level up.

Mini Roundabout showing route to town car parks, and the new Medical Sciences Building

Turning left at the roundabout will take people into the town's main car parks, which usually have plenty of space, and in which parking is free. The picture below is taken from that car park, looking back towards the Medical Sciences building shown above. We recommend walking up the hill on the footpath and steps until the stone wall seen in the picture below is reached. A path leads along this wall above our building (as pictured), and steps then take pedestrians down to our main entrance. The main entrance is shown in the final picture on this page.

J F Allen Physics Building from the town car park

For those who do not use the town's Petheram Bridge car park, turning right at the mini-roundabout will allow access to all the University's buildings on the North Haugh site. Following the signposts for Physics and Astronomy will, after some meandering, bring people to the small car park at the main entrance to the building. Although there is no charge for using this car park, it is often full. The University now operates a parking permit system, so qualifying visitors will need to obtain a permit from the School office. Those without permits can stop in the car park outside New Hall, then walk across the North Haugh to the School. Those travelling on foot can take a much shorter route from the roundabout on paths that run to the right hand side of the medical sciences building as pictured with the roundabout sign above.

Those arriving in St. Andrews by bus should, on leaving the bus station, turn right onto City Road, walk to the roundabout, turn right onto Doubledykes Road, then second right into Kennedy Gardens. Walk to the lefthand bend in the road. Follow the steps that lead straight on and down. To your right will be the main entrance to the School. The steps down to the main entrance and the front of the building are shown below.

Front entrance to the School of Physics and Astronomy, taken from Kennedy Gardens.

A small map of the route is available.

18 June 2010