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Social Facilities and the Student-Staff Council


Students in the main concourse of the SchoolPart of the Main Concourse of the SchoolWe are pleased to be regarded as a student-friendly School, and to have a pleasant environment in which to work. The main concourse provides an area where students can discuss their last lecture or what has happened the previous evening.

Discussions in level-one laser experiment Informal discussions at the Honours Talks WeekendThere is a good team spirit amongst the students, and staff and students can meet happily at work  and at social occasions.  People often comment on the feeling of community at St Andrews, and this certainly extends to interactions within the School.  The small class sizes mean that those students who wish to discuss things with their lecturers can readily do so.   The staff likewise have strong commitment to the students.  The School's students have in recent years run a dinner-dance for students and staff at the start of semester two, as a (slightly late) Burns Supper with a ceilidh.

Student Staff Council Social GatheringCafe @ PhysicsThe student-staff council helps communication between staff and students, and also contributes to the running of social facilities and events. The cafe and vending machines provide snacks for all. Vacation awards are given to students doing relevant work. The School's students are invovled in running the student societies PhySoc, AstroSoc and the Saints Engineering Group.

Lizzy helps build "electronic bagpipes"Inside the portable planetariumThe School runs various science events for school children and the general public, and our students can help out with these.  The portable planetarium shown at the right tours local schools, and is guaranteed to get a "wow" sound from the visitors when the lights go down and the inside of the dome is covered with millions of "stars".

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