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School of Physics & Astronomy

Aurora over the observatory - courtesy T Robitaille

Arranging a Visit

We welcome visits from prospective students, as we feel that this is the best way for people to see what student life in St Andrews is about.  A visit allows people to experience the local environment, see parts of the University, and see the staff, students, and facilities in the School of Physics and Astronomy.  There are three main ways that we meet with prospective students.

Students in the School's Main Concourse1)  The University runs "Visiting Days" on selected Wednesdays through the year.  As well as events associated with the wider University, visitors can visit up to two Schools within the University.  Visitors to Physics and Astronomy can choose to use one or both slots for seeing this School.  Those selecting a "single visit" at the start of the afternoon will meet (with other visitors) a member of staff to have a presentation on the School's activities, and to take a tour around the building. Those selecting a "double visit" will add to the end of the "single visit" a chance to have some refreshments while chatting with current students and a visit to see the University Observatory.   There is usually the opportunity to talk with academic staff during this time also.

Tunable laser2)  The School of Physics and Astronomy runs special events for potential students on one Saturday in each session.  The next Saturday Visit is planned for 23 February 2019.  These events take place mostly in our building, and run from about 10.45 am to 5 pm.  To arrange a visit of this type, please contact us by one of the means listed in our "contact details" page. Although originally envisaged as a general visiting day, the Saturday event has become an event primarily for those who have applied for a place starting later in that year, ie a post-application visiting day.

3)  If at all possible we ask visiting potential students to try to use one of the opportunities listed above. If your timetable does not allow you to attend one of the above events, we may be able to find a mutually convenient time at which you can visit the School and meet with a member of staff.  To arrange a visit of this type, please contact us by one of the means listed in our "contact details" page


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