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Undergraduate entry - asking rates

Experimentation with lenses in first year waves and optics lectureAll applications are considered on their individual merits by our admissions officer, under the admissions policy stated by the University. 

The normal asking rates are given in the University Prospectus.





First Year Traditional Entry

The asking rates for entry are given via the link above.

In many cases students applying for entry with SQA qualifications will have any offer based on SQA Highers. SQA Advanced Higher courses in physics and in maths are both potentially excellent learning opportunties, and we would strongly encourage all offer holders to complete any such course to the best of their ability, even if it is not a formal entry requirement to our programmes (but see also below for direct entry to second year).


Gateway to Physics and Astronomy

Students showing high potential, but who have not reached (or are not expected to reach) a level close to the normal entry requirement due to circumstances beyond their control may be interested in our "Gateway to Physics and Astronomy" entry route. This alternative first year sacrifices the traditional breadth of a first year at an ancient Scottish university in favour of an intensive programme in physics and maths and related skills. "Circumstances beyond their control" could for example include studying at a school with a relatively low average achievement, living in an area of relative disadvantage, or other "widening participation" criteria, or studying in an education system that does not quite reach the same level as the UK systems in physics and maths. The likely asking rate for this style of entry is expected to be lower than that of the traditional first year entry route, plus careful consideration of circumstances, or equivalent. Details are given in the prospectus as per the link above.


Direct Entry to Second Year

The typical asking rates for entry to level two for single honours degrees in the School are also shown in the table in the University Prospectus. We normally expect A-level candidates for level two entry to have included at least one mechanics module in their A-level maths study. Applicants seeking to enter our joint degrees with Mathematics from an A-level background need in addition an A-grade in Further Mathematics. Direct entry to second year is not possible for the School's joint degrees with Chemistry, Computer Science, or Philosophy.


Other Qualifications

We also welcome students offering other types of qualification, including those from overseas.  Our asking rates for IB-qualified students are shown in the University Prospectus as per the link above. Information about other qualifications may be found on the University's Entry Requirements page.



While physics and maths are requirements on the subjects studied, we do not specify what the other subjects must be for degrees involving just this School. Those aiming for a joint degree will need to satisfy the other School here with qualifications relevant to that discipline.

Mature students often have valuable additional skills, and these will normally be taken into account when considering such applications.

It is likely that very few (if any) offers will be made until after the UCAS application process has been completed, so those receiving offers are likely to hear from us in February.

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