School of Physics & Astronomy

School of Physics & Astronomy

Gap Year

We have had a number of queries recently about gap years between school and university. We would not discourage applicants from having a gap year, but neither would we be overly enthusiastic about them.  To some extent this may depend on what the potential student is doing in their gap year.  Sometimes a gap year can be wonderfully character-forming and useful, can provide good skills training, and can even include a potential student doing interesting things in physics/astronomy.   Sometimes a gap year can mean little more than a rest from study and the potential to "forget" much of what has been learnt at school of the subject. 

We are happy to consider applications from students planning a gap year before the start of their degree programme. Such students may like to consider the possible advantages of first year entry, as an alternative to second year entry, in order to get back up to speed on the physics and maths needed in our courses.

Update 2013 - due to the large number of applications being made for each available place here it may be that we cannot make offers deferred for a year. However, it is still possible for people to make an application for a place during their gap year.