School of Physics & Astronomy

2018-19 Course co-ordinators etc


Physics 1A and 1B (PH1011, PH1012) Dr Peter Woitke (Semester 1)
Dr Andrea Di Falco (Semester 2)

Dr Irina Leonhardt (PH1501)
Dr Lucy Hadfield (PH1502/3)

Physics lab (PH1011, PH1012) Dr Cameron Rae
Astronomy 1 (AS1001, AS1101) Dr Aleks Sholz (AS1001)
Dr Anne-Marie Weijmans (AS1101)
Physical Universe (daytime) (AS1002) Dr Martin Dominik
Physical Universe (evening degree) (AS1901) Dr HongSheng Zhao

Advisers of studies

Dr Lucy Hadfield
Dr Frieder Koenig
Dr Antje Kohnle
Dr Sebastian Schulz
Dr Graham Smith


Physics Dr Paul Cruickshank
Physics Deputy, and lab head Dr Cameron Rae
Astronomy Dr Claudia Cyganowski
Advisers of studies As level one above

Levels Three, Four, and Five

Level-three (JH) co-ordinator & adviser Prof Ian Bonnell
Level-four (SH) co-ordinator & adviser Dr Natalia Korolkova
Level-five (MPhys) coordinator & adviser Dr Charles Baily
Physics Labs Dr Cameron Rae
Computational Astrophysics Dr Peter Woitke
Observational Astrophysics Dr Vivienne Wild
Transferable Skills for Physicists Dr Bruce Sinclair
Project Director Prof Phil King
Physics Projects Prof Phil King
Theoretical Physics Projects Dr Jonathan Keeling
Astrophysics Projects

Dr Vivienne Wild

Postgraduate Taught

Director of PGT studies Dr Anne-Marie Weijmans
MSc Astrophysics Prof Ian Bonnell
MSc Photonics & OED, EngD Taught Dr Bruce Sinclair


Head of School Prof Graham Turnbull
Director of Teaching Dr Bruce Sinclair
Deputy Director of Teaching (and Vice (Astro)) Prof Ian Bonnell
Vice Director of Teaching (Experimental Physics) Dr Donatella Cassettari
Vice Director of Teaching (Theoretical Physics) Dr Chris Hooley
Director of Postgraduate Studies Dr Jonathan Keeling
Director of Equality and Diversity Dr Vivienne Wild
School Student President Amy Suddards - physicspresident@
Special needs co-ordinator Dr Bruce Sinclair
Study Abroad co-ordinator/adviser Dr Charles Baily
Safety officer  
Examinations officer Prof Steve Lee
Academic Misconduct Officer Dr Donatella Cassettari
Library Representative Dr Charles Baily
Careers Centre link officer Dr Lucy Hadfield

All subject to change

Last updated BDS August 2018