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First year module combinations

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At first year level, six modules are usually taken. This allows a wide range of combinations of modules which are consistent with a particular honours degree. A student may therefore branch out into subjects unrelated to choice of honours degree, just out of interest.

Students wishing to take an honours degree in the School of Physics and Astronomy must attend the first year modules

  • PH1011 Physics 1A
  • PH1012 Physics 1B
  • MT1001 Introductory Mathematics (Other modules may be substituted for a student with sufficiently good school qualifications.)
  • MT1002 Mathematics

Part of a lecture class in physicsFor the degree in Astrophysics however, an additional requirement is to attend the module AS1001 Astronomy & Astrophysics. Also, those interested in taking a joint honours degree must attend the module(s) associated with the other subject involved.

The other modules making up the total of six may be selected according to personal interests.  The choice is made at the start of the session after the student has met the Adviser of Studies and discussed all the options. Relevant factors to be considered at that time are the timetable and particular interests in second year subjects.  Choices may be made from across the University's modules, details of which are available in the Online Course Catalogue.

In addition to the modules already mentioned, other modules which are likely to be of greatest interest to students taking a degree in Physics and Astronomy are as follows:

  • MT1003 Pure & Applied Mathematics
  • MT1007 Statistics in Practice
  • MT1008 Mathematical Information Technology
  • CS1002 Computer Science
  • CS1004 Internet Programming
  • CH1001 Chemistry I: Foundation
  • CH1004 Chemistry IV: Organic and Biological Chemistry
  • CH1005 Chemistry V: Modern Materials

Note that AS1002 The Physical Universe is not included in the list, since it cannot be taken along with any of the modules PH1011, PH1012, and AS1001.

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