Organic electronics is a revolutionary technology primarily aimed at developing fast and inexpensive integrated circuits based on organic semiconductor elements. Hence development of an organic thin film transistor (OTFT) with excellent charge transport characteristics is seen as one of the building blocks required for making such technology viable. Moreover, devices and circuits based on such organic elements can also be integrated with existing silicon technology paving way to realisation of organic-inorganic hybrid electronic devices such as smart displays, inexpensive RFIDs and sensors.

Organic IC and complementary inverters with high gain have already been realized and that too by using unconventional manufacturing process like spin coating, vacuum sublimation and ink-jet printing on both hard and soft/flexible circuits.

In the OSC we are currently working on the frontiers of inorganic and organic electronics to realize smart photo-detectors for imaging and machine vision applications. We are also expanding our fabrication and characterization facility by developing OTFTs as a tool to study materials property such as charge transport in our wide range of materials intended to find applications in organic light emitting diodes, organic lasers, and organic solar cells.