T he work we undertake in the OSC sees regular short and long-term collaboration with partners from within the University, across Scotland and the U.K. as well as internationally.

Academic Collaborations


       Macquarie University, Prof. Graham Town, (Department of Electronics)
       University of Queensland, Prof. Paul Burn, (School of Molecular and Microbial Sciences)


       University of Mons, Prof. David Beljonne, (Laboratory for Chemistry of Novel Materials)


       Universidade Federal de Santa Catarina, Dr Cesar V. Franco, (Depto. de Quimica)


       University of Regensburg, Prof. John Lupton, (Department of Physics)
       University of Wuppertal, Prof. Ulrich Scherf, (Department of Chemistry)


       University of Palermo, Prof. Claudio Cali & Salvatore Gambino, (Optoelectronics and Laser Technologies Research Group)
       ENEA Faenza, Dr Francesco Antolini, (Technical Unit of Material Technologies)


       Institute of Physical Chemistry, Dr Angel Costela Gonzalez & Marta Alvarez, (Instituto de Quimica-Fisica "Rocasolano")

United Kingdom

       University of St Andrews, Bute Medical School, Prof. Herrington
       Ninewells Hospital, Dundee, Prof. James Ferguson, (Department of Dermatology)
       St Andrews Laboratory for Microfabrication of Nanostructures (SALMON), Prof. Thomas Krauss
       St Andrews Centre for Advanced Materials, Prof. John Irvine
       St Andrews Photonics Innovation Centre, Prof. Malcom Dunn
       University of Oxford, Prof. Andrew Briggs and Dr Hazel Assender, (Department of Materials)
       University of Exeter, Prof. Bill Barnes, (School of Physics)
       University of Wales, Bangor, Prof. Alan Shore, (School of Informatics)
       Imperial College London, Prof. Donal Bradley, (Department of Physics)
       University of St Andrews, Prof. Neville Richardson, (School of Chemistry)
       University of St Andrews, Dr Wuzong Zhou, (School of Chemistry)
       University of Strathclyde, Prof. Peter Skabara, (Department of Pure and Applied Chemistry)
       Heriot Watt University, Prof. Ian Galbraith, (School of EPS - Physics Department)
       University of Glasgow, Dr Graeme Cooke, (Department of Chemistry)

United States of America

       Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Prof. Dick Schrock, (Department of Chemistry)
       Bowdoin College Maine, Prof. Ron Christensen, (Department of Chemistry)
       University of California, Santa Barbara, Prof. Alan J. Heeger, (Physics Department)
       University of Massachusetts, Prof. Vince Rotello, (Department of Chemistry)

Industrial Collaborations

We also work with a number of companies to commercialise work from the OSC or to undertake industrial research utilising the skills and expertise that the OSC can provide.