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Undergraduate Project Prizes

All of our final year undergraduate students undertake a major project in their final semester. For BSc honours students this is half their time in their final semester, for integrated Masters students this is full time in their final semester. Many of these students work on their projects within the research groups of the School.

This year the School presented the project prizes to the students and their guests immediately before the graduation celebrations.

Kristin Lund Gunnarsdottir won the prize for the best project in Astrophysics. Kristin's research was on the formation of high-mass binary star systems. She is seen being presented with her certificate by Head of School Prof Graham Turnbull.

Matt Tanner won the prize for the best BSc physics project, for his work on ultra-high perfomance mm-wave antennas.

Luke Masters won the prize for the best MPhys physics project, for his work on light scattering at optical event horizons.

Liam Walker won the prize for the best project in theoretical physics for his research looking at "Can quantum gas microscopes directly image exotic glassy phases?". He worked with Dr Graham Bruce and Steven Thomson. He investigated theoretically whether the latest tools in ultracold atomic physics can be used to probe the role of disorder in solid state materials. The conclusion of his work was that this looks as though it should be possible.

First posted BDS 28.6.16