News Item

Third Year Burn Conference

The third year class as part of PH3014 "Transferable Skills for Physicists" recently had their Conference Weekend. This was at the Burn House, near Edzell. Each student had researched their chosen topic and presented a 20 minute talk to other members of the class and to staff members.

Presentations covered a wide range of pure and applied physics and astronomy, some linking in directly to research activities in the School. Most led to much interested dicussion.

This student conference was run in a similar way to many professional conferences, with the schedule having time for interacting with others.

Some took part in a mammoth team game of Trivial Pursuits, some in tennis, football, or other activities in or around the mansion-house that was the venue for the conference.

63 students and 16 staff were at the conference; many of them are pictured above.

BDS 30.3.14