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The School of Physics & Astronomy is recognised as a world-leading research establisment. With a growing academic research base, covering a diverse range of subject areas, the School offers a unique academic environment.

Reflecting the continued sucess of our research groups, physics teaching at St Andrews has been officially graded as "Excellent" with inspectors commenting on our "Outstanding" teaching environment.

Physics & Astronomy News

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Prof Leonhardt Wins "Blue Skies" Research Fellowship
Prof Leonhardt has been given funding from the Royal Society's Theo Murphy Blue Skies Award to allow him to devote himself full time for two years to his research work in the "tantalising" field of invisibility cloaks.
Prof Sibbett Awarded Royal Medal
We are delighted to report that Professor Wilson Sibbett of this School has been awarded the Royal Medal of the Royal Society of Edinburgh for his research work in photonics here and for what he achieved in his recent part-time secondment to be the Chief Scientific Adviser to the Scottish Government.
MSc Student Wins Project Prize
We are delighted to announce that Perumal Dharanipathy won the award for the best project presented at The European Masters Mundus MSc in Photonics Programme annual Summer School.
Kamerlingh Onnes Prize for Prof Davis
Professor JC Seamus Davis of Cornell University, a part-time Distinguished Research Professor at St Andrews, has shared the 2009 Kamerlingh Onnes Prize for Superconductivity.
Research Success in Omnidirectional Reflectors
Using the science of invisibility, a team from National University of Singapore, Masaryk University and the University of St Andrews have come up with a singular solution for the perfect "cat's eye".
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09 July 2003