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The School of Physics & Astronomy is recognised as a world-leading research establisment. With a growing academic research base, covering a diverse range of subject areas, the School offers a unique academic environment.

Reflecting the continued sucess of our research groups, physics teaching at St Andrews has been officially graded as "Excellent" with inspectors commenting on our "Outstanding" teaching environment.

Physics & Astronomy News

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Asteroid rings discovered
Dr Martin Dominik and collaborators have found a pair of rings around Chariklo.
Student-Staff Ceilidh a Great Success
The social committee of the School's Student-Staff Council organised a Burns Supper and Ceilidh for the School.
MSc graduate Arlene Smith wins OSA prize
The Optical Society of America has awarded the "Outstanding Young Professional Prize" to one of our relatively recent MSc graduates.
International Max Planck Partnership Initiated
In a world first, five of Scotland's universities are launching an International Max-Planck Partnership. This is on the theme of "Measurement and Observation at the Quantum Limit".
Clouds seeding life on alien worlds?
Drs Stark, Rimmer, Diver, and Helling show that lightning in clouds in exoplanets and brown dwarfs may produce prebiotic molecules
Wolfson Research Merit award for Prof Samuel
Congratulations to Prof Ifor Samuel on having the excellence and importance of his research recognised in this way by the Royal Society
Fibre-like ordering can improve organic solar cells
Polymer solar cells may be an important source of future electricity. St Andrews research shows that the packing of the molecules leads to different properties.
Transiting Santa
PhD student Joe Llama has modelled the expected light dip of a distant star as a sleigh goes around it ... Season's Greetings to All.
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09 July 2003