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The School of Physics & Astronomy is recognised as a world-leading research establisment. With a growing academic research base, covering a diverse range of subject areas, the School offers a unique academic environment.

Reflecting the continued sucess of our research groups, physics teaching at St Andrews has been officially graded as "Excellent" with inspectors commenting on our "Outstanding" teaching environment.

Physics & Astronomy News

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Dr Andy Brown returns to talk photonics
Dr Brown is an alumnus of the School, now working in a senior role in SPIE.
Final Year Project Students presented with awards
The achievements of undergraduate students in their final year projects were recognised at a reception in the School.
Drs Keeling and Gregory win Teaching Prizes
Following nominations from students here for work in Dynamics lectures and Project Supervision Jonathan Keeling and Scott Gregory have won prizes from the Students' Association.
Fibre-lighting device for divers wins Subsea UK Safety Award
PhotoSynergy, spin-out company from the University, has won the "Innovation for Safety" award for a device that illuminates the umbilicals to deep sea divers.
Lightning in the Galaxy
Dr C Helling and team were part of the EGU meeting press conference on their work on planetary lightning and implications for exobiology.
School President Elected
Louise McCaul has been elected by the School's students to be School President in 2014-15.
Imaging with Airy Beams
Kishan Dholakia, Tom Vettenburg, and team publish in Nature Methods a new Sheet Imaging technique for biophotonics.
Third Year Student conference a great success
Third year students in PH3014 Transferable Skills for Physicists recently had their weekend conference at the Burn House.
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09 July 2003