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The School of Physics & Astronomy is recognised as a world-leading research establisment. With a growing academic research base, covering a diverse range of subject areas, the School offers a unique academic environment.

Reflecting the continued sucess of our research groups, physics teaching at St Andrews has been officially graded as "Excellent" with inspectors commenting on our "Outstanding" teaching environment.

Physics & Astronomy News

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Summer Undergrads as Research Interns
The School is happy to be hosting numerous undergraduate students as summer research interns.
Precision measurements of atomic magnetism
Dr Wahl and team have used their ultra-low temperature scanning tunnelling microscopes to probe the magnetic order in a correlated electron material with atomic resolution.
Optical Manipulation Platform Grant Announced
Prof Kishan Dholakia and team have been awarded an EPSRC grant of £1.5 M to explore how light can be used in exciting new ways.
Welcome to Derek Milroy
New colleague Derek Milroy has responsibilities including Building Management and Safety for the School.
Construction of New Research Labs
A new ultra-low vibration facility for studying electronic and magnetic states at the atomic scale is now being built.
Conference of Astronomy and Physics Students
Our undergrad students ran a successful national conference here recently, and two won prizes for their science presentation.
Sutton Trust Summer School here
The School was pleased to welcome last week 30 high school pupils as part of their Sutton Rrust Summer School week at the University.
Zoe Ashwood awarded Principal's Medal
At a recent graduation ceremony Maths and Theoretical Physics graduate Zoe Ashwood was awarded the Principal's Medal for exceptional endeavour and achievement.
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09 July 2003