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Physics & Astronomy Modules

PDF versions of our module synopses are available by selecting the appropriate module number below. You may view the University Module Catalogue record by clicking on the "[MC]" link. The Module Catalogue entries should be the definitive source of information about the module, though note that the relevant University committee may permit changes in the module from one year to the next. Most of this School's modules are expected to run most sessions, but note that the evening degree module AS1901 is normally expected to run every other year. As our curriculum develops, new modules may be added, and some existing modules may be dropped.

September 2018 - most module synopses are now updated, and where they have been upated they show the academic session to which they refer. If there are differences between our synopsis and the University Module Catalogue, the latter takes precedence. We recommend looking also at the School guidance on module choices that we provide for each year group.

pdf icon  AS1001 [MC] - Astronomy and Astrophysics 1
pdf icon  AS1002 [MC] - The Physical Universe (daytime)
pdf icon  AS1101 [MC] - Astrophysics (Direct Entry students)
pdf icon  AS1901 [MC] - The Physical Universe (evening degree)
pdf icon  AS2001 [MC] - Astronomy and Astrophysics 2
pdf icon  AS2101 [MC] - Astronomy and Astrophysics 2 (15 credit)
pdf icon  AS3013 [MC] - Computational Astrophysics - note is available for SH physicists also
pdf icon  AS4010 [MC] - Extragalactic Astronomy
pdf icon  AS4011 [MC] - The Physics of Nebulae and Stars 1
pdf icon  AS4012 [MC] - The Physics of Nebulae and Stars 2
pdf icon  AS4015 [MC] - Gravitational and Accretion Physics
pdf icon  AS4025 [MC] - Observational Astrophysics
pdf icon  AS4103 [MC] - Astrophysics Project (BSc)
pdf icon  AS5001 [MC] - Advanced Data Analysis - note may be available for MPhys physicists also
pdf icon  AS5002 [MC] - Magnetofluids and Space Plasmas
pdf icon  AS5003 [MC] - Contemporary Astrophysics
pdf icon  AS5101 [MC] - Astrophysics Project (MPhys)
pdf icon  AS5500 [MC] - Research Skills in Astrophysics
pdf icon  AS5521 [MC] - Observational Techniques in Astrophysics (MSc)
pdf icon  AS5522 [MC] - Stellar Physics (MSc)
pdf icon  AS5523 [MC] - Gravitational Dynamics and Accretion Physics (MSc)
pdf icon  AS5524 [MC] - Astrophysical Fluid Dynamics (MSc)
pdf icon  AS5599 [MC] - Astrophysics Research Project (MSc)
pdf icon  ID4001 [MC] - Communication and Teaching in Science
pdf icon  PH1011 [MC] - Physics 1A
pdf icon  PH1012 [MC] - Physics 1B
pdf icon  PH1501 [MC] - Gateway - Mathematics for Physicists 1A
pdf icon  PH1502 [MC] - Gateway - Physics Skills 1A
pdf icon  PH1503 [MC] - Gateway - Physics Skills 1B
pdf icon  PH2011 [MC] - Physics 2A
pdf icon  PH2012 [MC] - Physics 2B
pdf icon  PH3007 [MC] - Electromagnetism
pdf icon  PH3012 [MC] - Thermal and Statistical Physics
pdf icon  PH3014 [MC] - Transferable Skills for Physicists
pdf icon  PH3061 [MC] - Quantum Mechanics 1
pdf icon  PH3062 [MC] - Quantum Mechanics 2
pdf icon  PH3074 [MC] - Electronics
pdf icon  PH3080 [MC] - Computational Physics
pdf icon  PH3081 [MC] - Mathematics for Physicists
pdf icon  PH3082 [MC] - Mathematics for Chemistry / Physics
pdf icon  PH3101 [MC] - Physics Laboratory 1
pdf icon  PH4026 [MC] - Signals and Information
pdf icon  PH4027 [MC] - Optoelectronics and Nonlinear Optics
pdf icon  PH4028 [MC] - Advanced Quantum Mechanics:Concepts and Methods
pdf icon  PH4031 [MC] - Fluids
pdf icon  PH4032 [MC] - Special Relativity and Fields
pdf icon  PH4034 [MC] - Laser Physics 1
pdf icon  PH4035 [MC] - Principles of Optics
pdf icon  PH4036 [MC] - Physics of Music
pdf icon  PH4038 [MC] - Lagrangian and Hamiltonian Dynamics
pdf icon  PH4039 [MC] - Introduction to Condensed Matter Physics
pdf icon  PH4040 [MC] - Nuclear and Particle Physics with advanced skills
pdf icon  PH4041 [MC] - Atomic, Nuclear and Particle Physics
pdf icon  PH4042 [MC] - Concepts in Atomic Physics and Magnetic Resonance
pdf icon  PH4043 [MC] - Studies in Physics and Chemistry
pdf icon  PH4044 [MC] - Advanced Condensed Matter Physics
pdf icon  PH4045 [MC] - Data Processing for Biomedical Imaging and Sensing (new for 2018-19)
pdf icon  PH4105 [MC] - Physics Laboratory 2
pdf icon  PH4111 [MC] - Physics Project (BSc)
pdf icon  PH5002 [MC] - Foundations of Quantum Mechanics
pdf icon  PH5003 [MC] - Group Theory
pdf icon  PH5004 [MC] - Quantum Field Theory
pdf icon  PH5005 [MC] - Laser Physics 2
pdf icon  PH5011 [MC] - General Relativity
pdf icon  PH5012 [MC] - Quantum Optics
pdf icon  PH5014 [MC] - The Interacting Electron Problem in Solids (not running 2018-19)
pdf icon  PH5015 [MC] - Applications of Quantum Physics
pdf icon  PH5016 [MC] - Biophotonics
pdf icon  PH5023 [MC] - Monte Carlo Radiation Transport Techniques
pdf icon  PH5024 [MC] - Modern Topics in Condensed Matter Physics
pdf icon  PH5025 [MC] - Nanophotonics
pdf icon  PH5101 [MC] - Physics Project (MPhys)
pdf icon  PH5103 [MC] - Project in Theoretical Physics
pdf icon  PH5104 [MC] - Project in Theoretical Physics (Maths & TP students)
pdf icon  PH5180 [MC] - Laser Physics (MSc)
pdf icon  PH5181 [MC] - POED Photonics Lab (EngD and MSc)
pdf icon  PH5182 [MC] - Displays and Nonlinear Optics (EngD and MSc)