Michael Koehl

Colloquia Record

Title The lab in a trap: Experiments with ultracold atoms
Date 11/3/2011 10:00
Physics Th C

Michael Koehl
University of Cambridge

In recent years, ultracold atoms have emerged as an exceptionally well controllable experimental system to investigate fundamental physics, ranging from quantum information science to simulations of condensed matter models. Here we go one step further and explore how cold atoms can be combined with other quantum systems to create new quantum hybrids with tailored properties. In the talk, we will report on recent experiments in which we have deterministically placed a single ion into an atomic Bose Einstein condensate for the first time [1]. In the created single-particle/many-body composite quantum system we show sympathetic cooling of the ion, observe chemical reactions of single particles in situ, and explore non-equilibrium dynamics. [1] C. Zipkes, S. Palzer, C. Sias, M. Kohl, Nature 464, 388 (2010).

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