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School Colloquia

Our colloquia list is now housed on the University's Talks system. Current colloquia can be found there.

col - lo - qui - um: an academic meeting at which specialists deliver a topical address and then answer related questions.
All colloquia take place in Theatre C at 10am unless otherwise stated. Click on the title to check the time and location.

Talk archive

Speaker Name Date Title (Click for details and location)
Dr Matthew Dogson 12/10/2001 Pancakes, Strings and Sheets: new vortex structures in layered superconductors.
Prof. Takashi Imai 5/10/2001 Why should YOU care about transition metal oxides?
Prof. Bob Simmons 15/6/2001 Optical tweezer measurements on single molecules and cells
Prof. Ildar Gabitov 8/6/2001 Solitons and Telecommunication
Dr John Magorrian 26/4/2001 Supermassive black holes in nearby galaxies
Prof. James Brookeman 20/4/2001 Nuclear magnetic resonance using laser polarised noble gases: a new way to assess lung disease
Prof. Norma Robertson 20/4/2001 Ripples Across the Cosmos - The search for gravitational waves (Part fo the Athena Lecture Series)
Dr Mark Newton 11/4/2001 Diamonds, a spectroscopists best friend!

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