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School Colloquia

Our colloquia list is now housed on the University's Talks system. Current colloquia can be found there.

col - lo - qui - um: an academic meeting at which specialists deliver a topical address and then answer related questions.
All colloquia take place in Theatre C at 10am unless otherwise stated. Click on the title to check the time and location.

Talk archive

Speaker Name Date Title (Click for details and location)
Dr Sergei Nayakshin 21/9/2012 Tidal Downsizing hypothesis for formation of planets
Paula Heron 4/5/2012 Research on the learning and teaching of physics: An important focus for physicists.
Renald Schaub 27/4/2012 Novel electronic materials: From graphene to molecular switches
Peter Knight 20/4/2012 Quantum Technology for a Networked World
Suzanne Fielding 13/4/2012 Complex flows of complex fluids
Silke Weinfurtner 26/3/2012 Seminar: Measurement of stimulated Hawking emission in an analogue system
Bill Chaplin 23/3/2012 Asteroseismology of Solar-Type Stars with the NASA Kepler Mission
John Dudley 16/3/2012 Extreme events in nature, rogue wave in optics
John Dudley 16/3/2012 Seminar: Canals, Continua and Pasteur's Quadrant: Unexpected connections in pure and applied research
Dr David Stothard 8/3/2012 Beacon Lecture: Gas leaks, bombs and chemical contamination...

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