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Mr Indranil Banik

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Mr Indranil Banik
School of Physics & Astronomy
University of St Andrews
North Haugh
St Andrews KY16 9SS
Scotland, UK

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Room 321
Phone 3142
e-mail ib45

Galaxies are observed to have rotation curves that can't be explained using the existing theory of gravity (which works like Newtonian gravity in the outskirts of galaxies). At least, this is true if one assumes the visible light is a good indicator of where the mass is. Thus, one possibility is that there is additional invisible mass, called dark matter. The other option is to modify the law of gravity. I believe this is much more reasonable. Thus, I work with Hongsheng Zhao on testing the hypothesis that gravity is indeed modified at low acceleration. This is mostly achieved by investigating the Local Group of galaxies. For my work, I recently won the American Astronomical Society's Duncombe Prize for research by PHD students into dynamical astronomy. This is one of perhaps 3 awarded each year.

Modified Gravity In Plane Sight?
Dynamics of Local Group Galaxies: The Case for Modified Gravity