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Dr Chris Hooley

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Dr Chris Hooley
School of Physics & Astronomy
University of St Andrews
North Haugh
St Andrews KY16 9SS
Scotland, UK

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Room 206
Phone 3171
e-mail cah19

I am a theoretical condensed matter physicist, interested in many aspects of the quantum many-body problem. My active research topics at the moment are: anomalous subdiffusive transport in the approach to many-body localisation (with my student Scott Taylor and my former student Maximilian Schulz); the theory of quantum critical metals (with my student Matt Trott); using the conformal bootstrap to classify the multicritical points of systems exhibiting low-temperature phase coexistence (with my student Matt Dowens); bound states of identical fermions in deformable manifolds (with my student Peter Leith); finite-depth circuit descriptions of systems with Kosterlitz-Thouless physics (with my students Adam McRoberts and Jenny Winstone); quantum Kasteleyn transitions in frustrated magnets (with my student Mostafa Manssour); symmetry protection of band crossings in systems with coupled spin and orbital degrees of freedom; the theory of scanning tunneling microscopy into magnetic materials; and the theory of high-resolution electron energy loss spectroscopy on surface-anchored molecules.

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Current PhD Projects offered:

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  • Finite-temperature behaviour of quantum Kasteleyn systems
  • Fidelity plateaux from correlated noise: beyond the two-state case
  • Path integrals over matrix product states: applications and extensions
  • Subdiffusive dynamics in the approach to many-body localisation