Prof Wilson Sibbett

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My research interests are centred mainly in the development, assessment and applications of ultrashort-pulse lasers and associated ultrafast diagnostics. A key breakthrough in this area was our development of self (or Kerr-lens) modelocked femtosecond solid-state lasers for which the titanium sapphire system was the archetype. I have used these and other femotosecond lasers in areas such as optoelectronics, nonlinear and waveguide optics and time-resolved spectroscopy for a range of studies in physics. I am the Director of a major interdisciplinary research collaboration (Ultrafast Photonics Collaboration) where the primary objective is to develop femtosecond datacomms networks that might ultimately offer data transfer speeds up 100Tb/s. More recently, other research interests has encompassed applications in biophotonics and medical photonics where a range of novel laser configurations are being designed for specific light-matter interactions.

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