Dr Charles Baily

Dr Charles Baily

Senior Lecturer

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Research areas

I engage in Discipline-Based Education Research, with a focus on investigating student learning in topics beyond the introductory level (specifically, quantum physics and electrodynamics). I also specialise in the creation of validated conceptual assessments for the purposes of investigating student learning, informing curriculum development, and documenting the effectiveness of research-based instruction.

I work primarily at the intersection of physics and mathematics education, where the topics of vector calculus and electromagnetism overlap. There is a "gap" between how mathematics is used by physicists, and how it is taught by mathematicians. I strive to help students bridge that gap, to improve their ability to interpret physical meaning from mathematical operations and representations.

I also collaborate with local colleagues on astronomy education research; specifically, student understanding of the evidence for an expanding universe. Everyday intuitions and notions from popular culture can interfere with learning the actual science. We are exploring student perspectives on the Big Bang, developing a validated assessment tool, and identifying areas for targeted instructional interventions.

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