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Barbara Sattler

Senior Lecturer in Philosophy

Barbara Sattler

Phone: 01334 462474

Office: Edgecliffe 209



Ancient Philosophy, History of Philosophy, Metaphysics, Aesthetics.


The main area of my research is metaphysics and natural philosophy in the ancient Greek world, especially with the Presocratics, Plato and Aristotle; but I am also interested in contemporary metaphysics and aesthetics. I have finished a book manuscript on Natural Philosophy in the Ancient Greek world (Natural Philosophy in Ancient Greece - Logical, Methodological, and Mathematical Foundations for the Theory of Motion). And I am now in the process of writing a book on Ancient Notions of Time that connects ancient understandings of time with contemporary debates (Ancient Notions of Time from Homer to Plato).

I began studying German literature, mathematics and philosophy at the University of Vienna, and got my doctorate from the FU-Berlin - spending time also at the University of St. Andrews and Oxford. I have taught at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and at Yale University before joining the department in St. Andrews in 2013.

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Selected publications

“The notion of continuity from the Presocratics to Aristotle”, in: The History of Continuity, ed. by Steward Shapiro, Oxford: OUP, forthcoming 2019.

“Platonic Reception – Atomism and the atomists in Plato's Timaeus”, in: The Reception of Presocratic Natural Philosophy in Later Classical Thought, ed. by Chelsea Harry and Justin Habash, Leiden: Brill, forthcoming 2018.

“Sufficient Reason in the Phaedo and its Presocratic antecedents” in: Plato’s Phaedo. Selected Papers from the Eleventh Symposium Platonicum, ed. by Gabriele Cornelli, Francisco Bravo, and Tom Robinson, International Plato Studies, St. Augustin: Academia Verlag, forthcoming 2018.

“Space in Ancient Times: From the Presocratics to Aristotle”, in: “Space”, Oxford Philosophical Concepts, ed. Andrew Janiak, Oxford: OUP, forthcoming 2018.

“The notion of continuity in Parmenides”, in: Philosophical Inquiry 42 (3-4), 2018.

“How natural is a unified notion of time? Temporal Experience in early Greek Thought”, in: The Routledge Handbook of the Philosophy of Temporal Experience, ed. by Ian Phillips, London and New York: Routledge, June 2017.

“Aristotle’s Measurement Dilemma”, in: Oxford Studies in Ancient Philosophy 52, pp. 257-301, summer 2017.

“Von der Bewegung himmlischer zu der irdischer Körper - Die wissenschaftliche Erfassung physischer Bewegung in der griechischen Antike“, in: ΣΩΜΑ. Körperkonzepte und körperliche Existenz in der antiken Philosophie und Literatur, ed. by Thomas Buchheim, Nora Wachsmann, and David Meißner, Hamburg: Meiner Verlag, Archiv für Begriffsgeschichte, Sonderheft 13, 2016.

“Time is double the trouble – Zeno’s Moving Rows”, in: Ancient Philosophy 35, 2015.

“Contingency and Necessity: Human agency in Musil’s The Man without Qualities”, in: The Monist 97.1, January 2014.

“The Eleusinian Mysteries in Pre-platonic Thought. Metaphor, Practise and Imagery for Plato’s Symposium”, in: “Greek Religion, Philosophy and Salvation”, ed.  Vishwa Adluri, Berlin: de Gruyter, 151-190,  2013.

“A Likely Account of Necessity, Plato’s Receptacle as a Physical and Metaphysical Basis of Space”, in: Journal of the History of Philosophy, April 2012, pp. 159-195.

“Parmenides’ System – the Logical Origins of his Monism”, in: Proceedings of the Boston Area Colloquium in Ancient Philosophy 2009/2010, Leiden/Boston 2011, pp. 25-70.

“A time for learning and for counting – Egyptians, Greeks and empirical processes in Plato’s Timaeus”, in: “One Book, the Whole Universe: Plato’s Timaeus Today”, Proceedings of the Conference “Plato’s Timaeus Today” at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, September 13-16, 2007, Las Vegas: Parmenides Press 2010, pp. 249-266. 

Co-editor (with Richard Mohr) of “One Book, the Whole Universe: Plato’s Timaeus Today”, Proceedings of the Conference “Plato’s Timaeus Today” at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, September 13-16, 2007, Las Vegas: Parmenides Press 2010.

Research students

I am currently supervising Lorenzo Lazzarini, Andres Hernandez Villareal and Hannah Laurens.

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