Philosophy at St Andrews

Stewart Shapiro

Honorary Professor

Stewart Shapiro



Philosophy of Mathematics, Formal Logic, Realism


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Academic qualifications

Ph.D. SUNY at Buffalo, 1978; with distinction; M.A. SUNY at Buffalo (Mathematics), 1975; B.A. Case Western Reserve University (Mathematics and Philosophy), 1973, Summa cum laude

Selected publications

Vagueness in context, Oxford, Oxford University Press, 2006.

Oxford handbook of the philosophy of logic and mathematics, Oxford University Press, 2005.

"Categories, structures, and the Frege-Hilbert controversy: the status of meta-metamathematics", Philosophia Mathematica (3) 13 (2005), 61-77.

"Simple truth, contradiction, and consistency", The law of non-contradiction, edited by Graham Priest and J. C. Beall, Oxford, Oxford University Press, 2004, 336-354.

"All sets great and small: and I do mean ALL", Philosophical Perspectives 17 (2003), 467-490.

Thinking about mathematics: The philosophy of mathematics, Oxford, Oxford University Press, 2000.

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