Philosophy at St Andrews

Philosophy Club

The Philosophy Club is our forum for visiting speakers. It meets five or six times a semester on Wednesdays at 4.15 in Room 104 of Edgecliffe. All are welcome to attend. For further information, please contact  Bruno Jacinto.


Forthcoming events

27/02/2019Jo Wolff Philosophy Club - 'Injustice in the Real World' 16:00Room 104, Edgecliffe
03/04/2019Mona SimionPhilosophy Club - 'Reasons, Basing and Warrant' 16:00Room 104, Edgecliffe
10/04/2019Ulrike HeuerPhilosophy Club - Ulrike Heuer16:00Room 104, Edgecliffe
17/04/2019Mike OtsukaPhilosophy Club - 'Determinism and the Value and Fairness of Equal Chances'16:00Room 104, Edgecliffe