Philosophy at St Andrews

Student-Staff Consultation

School President

Sophia Rommel

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Student Reps

The Class Reps for 2018/19 are:

  • 1st Year: Michelle Marsh (mphm2) and Taylor Cooperman (tc89)
  • 2nd Year: Rachel Neighbour (rn46) and Papa Obeng-Sabah (pkos)
  • 3rd Year: Kyle Van Oosterum (kpavo) and Tristan Skinner (ts208)
  • 4th Year: Katharine Moulton (km267) and Tom Higginson (tabh)
  • MLitt Rep: James Skinner (js382)
  • PGR Rep: Ethan Landes (el60)
  • Conversion Degree Rep: Renee Langenhuijsen (rl90)
  • Mature Student Rep: Ryan Miller (rm322)
  • Evening Degree Rep: Mark Leavey (ml209)


Feedback about our courses and programme is always encouraged:

(a) informally and individually to lecturers and tutors, to the Sub-Honours Co-ordinator (Dr Alex Douglas), or to the Director of Teaching (Dr Lisa Jones).

(b) through representatives at meetings of the Staff-Student Consultative Committee (see below).

(c) by module questionnaires.

Staff-Student Consultative Committee

The Philosophy Staff-Student Consultative Committee exists to consider matters concerning the academic welfare of students. The Committee meets at least once a semester. It has as members four students elected from 1000-level Philosophy modules and four students elected from 2000-level Philosophy modules, four from Honours modules, two Postgraduates and one student elected from the Evening Degree programme. Details of elections to the committee will be announced by the committee’s convenor during the first few weeks of the semester.

The meeting dates for 2018/19 are as follows:

Semester 1

Wed Oct 10th 2018 2pm Edgecliffe Room 104

Semester 2

Coming Soon

Documents and minutes